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Photographers Collaboration for a Better World

Photographers Collaboration for a Better World

A group of photographers with an idea to help- the Photographers Collaboration for a Better World

At the very beginning of 2020 a group of us, photographers, created a non profit Facebook page.

This all started with the ongoing fires in Australia. We are all in love of nature and we were absolutely devastated by the fires all over the continent. Both people and animals are forced to leave their homes and trying to survive. Unfortunately not all managed this! Volunteer fire fighters are battling with the flames every minute,with not enough support to stop the disaster.

We wanted to help but none of us are rich or well off enough to donate a considerable amount. We all had the same battle within us but weren’t sure how to help. Then our mutual friend, the main link between us, Zoltan Romvari from Z.R Photography, asked the question ” if we created a page where a few of us donated a picture each, for auction and all monies offered would go to a charity, would you be interested?” I was the first to say YES. I felt so enthusiastic about the idea!

You buy a picture, an A3 photograph- framed, and all the money goes to charity! Imagine that whenever you look at this photograph hanging on your wall, or if anyone comes to visit and ask how you got that, you could say “I helped”! I thought the same, finally we can help!

So we set the page up within a day and to keep us out from getting questioned about how much money actually gets to the Charity, we just give the winning bidder the Charity’s details and they can pay directly to them,once we get the receipt they get their art work, sorted!

I even got in touch with Dscolours Labs, one of UK’s best printing labs, who were happy to support our idea with providing a Fine Art paper for our Photographs and they would do the printing, how amazing is that from them?!?

Now we got the 6 photographers and 6 images all together. We decided to support NSW RURAL FIRE SERVICE, one of Australia’s volunteer fire departments. I got in touch with them and they were over the moon by our idea and support!

Next step was to get the news out! We thought, well this is a great idea, an amazing thing so people surely will be excited to take part! Maybe even the media would mention it! Celebrities, rich people with financial means could get involved and offer a higher bid! And this is where this noble idea seem to have failed. We were relying on people!

Celebrities aren’t interested, media isn’t interested either! People do not want to help! The first person who placed a bid on one of the photographs was a pensioner with not a lot of money! But she has lots of love to give! She has a massive heart! Second person, upping the bid was a guy who’s not having the easiest life either! Working two jobs to provide for his new family with a baby, but still, he was willing to put some money to good cause! And where are the ones with the big fancy cars? The ones with their “professional” work, clearing 50k+ a year? Not sure to be honest as I haven’t heard from them!

Doesn’t matter! What matters is that people, who are living in Australia writing to us, thanking for our support! This matter a lot to THEM! Even just the thought, that there are someone who cares about them makes their struggle feel a little bit easier!

Two days between these pictures

One of them, Anne, sent me the above photograph that was taken by her son. There was less than 2days between the two Photographs! The left, full of life! I look at that and I think”I’d love to walk my dog there”. Then the one on the right, after the “fire storm” been. Not a single sign of life! All the trees are burnt! Imagine that that is your street! That is where you normally take YOUR dog for a walk! That is where you went cycling with your kids! That is your home! How would you feel? I’m upset, even just looking at those pictures!

On a happy note, the auction is still on for a few days and now we started getting a bit more offers! We are now at a whopping £68! Hopefully we can multiply this though! It would be great if someone offered £1k for any of the photos! Even if we get £50 bid in for all 6 that would be nice!

The Photographers Collaboration for a Better World is made up by 6 photographers. We are not full time photographers, I think I’m safe to say that most of us are passionate amateurs (in the French meaning “love of” ). These are our Photographs…

Hopefully,in a few days there will be an update on this blog, with good news, until then, why not visit our page at  Photographers Collaboration for a Better World


This update is long overdue to be very honest. Loads of things happened, including the COVID-19 Pandemic. However there was actually a good outcome to our auction. Three of our photographs were bought and we raised a total of £110! That is not too bad, considering that we only gave ourselves a week to push on with this auction. Yes, we did not raise thousands and thousand of pounds and Kim Kardashian didn’t get back to me either (very surprised about that 😀 ) but it’s £110 more than nothing! To us, the photographers, this auction certainly paid off: we managed to help to one of the affected fire service departments AND the people who donated got a forever reminder on their wall that they helped in a crisis where loads of others, just turned a blind eye. I would like to say a Big THANK YOU to all who donated! This wouldn’t have happened without you! Thank you.

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